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A sumptuous addition to a newly built house or existing home, a Solace Sauna is a daily spa treatment enjoyed from the comfort of your own abode. An array of desirable health and wellness benefits are activated by targeted infrared heat. When used as a regular remedial activity, your Solace Sauna aids detoxification, skin purification, weight loss, and pain relief.

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Crystal FAR Carbon
Doubled walled Insulated construction
10 year warranty
Lifetime heater panel warranty
100% hypo-allergenic Canadian Hemlock
(FSC Certified),
Food safe glue
Hand built Saunas
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Why infrared?

Solace Saunas use infrared heat waves to create an exceptional home health experience. Premium, 0 EMF carbon heating panels deliver a safe, sun-like heat that warms your core body temperature. Regular sessions activate an array of health and natural healing benefits, including post-workout recovery, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Solace offers consulting and custom builds to help integrate our saunas into your home or business.

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Targeted infrared heat unlocks an abundance of wellness perks, along with physical and neurological benefits.

Heart Health

Mid-length infrared heat waves stimulate the same effect as a passive cardiovascular workout and support long-term heart health.

Better Sleep

Relaxation properties enable a calmer mind and allow users to wind down after a busy day, get to sleep more easily, enjoy a deeper slumber and wake up more rested.


Intense far-infrared waves ignite a deep, detoxifying sweat that relaxes muscles. This meditative environment supports mindfulness and meditation. 


Heat reaches a cellular level, activating faster recovery after a strenuous workout, easing sore muscles and enabling body rejuvenation.

Pain Relief

Increased blood circulation around the body reduces inflammation and provides gentle, heat-induced relief for muscular and joint pain.

Weight Loss

Infrared heat burns calories and activates detoxification, leading to weight loss and skin rejuvenation.

Prefer to rent?

Are you a gym or fitness studio owner looking to enhance your clients' sauna experience? We not only sell top-of-the-line saunas but also offer long-term rental services for gym and fitness studio owners. Our rental services provide an affordable and convenient way for you to offer the benefits of a sauna to your clients.

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